St George District Rugby League Football Club held the 2023 Tarsha Gale Cup Induction night in the Museum at St George Leagues Club. Patiently waiting for everyone to arrive, a short clip was being played focusing on the History of the club & club culture. It was a great night with over 100 attendees (players and families), who were beaming with excitement and awe. Once all attendees had arrived, they were greeted with a video listing all the players who had made the Tarsha Gale Cup Squad and Pathways Squad for 2023.


Michelle Anderson Head Co-Ordinator for the Women’s Pathway started the night off with a very heart-warming opening speech. Michelle named and introduced all coaching and training staff allocated to the Tarsha Gale Cup Squad for 2023.

“Culture and family are very important to success”

Michelle Anderson

The program now has a direct link to the St George Illawarra NRLW. Michelle also spoke about Tarsha Gale and her career as a female rugby pioneer.

Huw Ellis, who was named as Head Coach of the squad, spoke about the focus on the team’s commitment, drive, and values as part of this the players were given the opportunity to add their own personal values. Michelle and Huw presented the squad with their training gear, for the upcoming season.

The night ended with a highlights video from their trial matches. The club wishes the players all the best for the 2023 season and looks forward to seeing them develop throughout the course of their training program.

Congratulations to the following players and staff who have been selected in the training squad for the Tarsha Gale Cup and Pathways 2023.

Coach – Huw Ellis Alaiyah Williams
Assistant Coach – Niu Faioso Ashley Samantha Ketuu
Manager – Angela Ndaira Breanah Scerri
Fetutasi Ma – Chong Christine Haddad
Ali Marsh Christine Tsougranis
Damien Katu Cianah Georgy
Michael Anderson Dana Hijazi
TRAINERS Dena Amenah Nuuialii
Trish Bell Dina Hijazi
Blake Glanville Emily Coral Briggs
Laura Croan Emily Waters
Craig Faulkner Jasmine Dooley
Anahera Paekau Laycie Bourne
Audrey Nadaya-Harb Leela Ma-Chong
Carlietta Ma Chong Lily Martin
Chloe Beazley Madison Mulhall
Elizabeth Neiufi Madison So-Murphy
Faustina Akeje Madison-lee Kelly
Kiara Murray Manaia Harris-Wilson
Malia Vicki Faioso Maraea Toia
Olive Tiddy Mele Ketuu
Susan Vanessa Tuimaseve Nhiamya Moran
Jazmyn Martha Pamapa Oriana Epati
Saja Rifei
Tamikah Joe
Taneisha Gray
Teleciha Ese