The St George District Rugby League Football Club have today launched the Spirit of the Red V Museum at St George Leagues Club – as part of the Centenary celebrations.

The Spirit of the Red V Museum captures a timeline that takes a journey from that inaugural game in 1921 through to the present day and celebrates the greatness that embodies the famous Red V.

In that time, St George has built a unique and continuous history – highlighted by its 11 straight premierships from 1956 – 1966 – that has made the iconic white jumper with a Red V jumper one of the most treasured insignia in Australian sport.

The museum has been put together by a panel of experts, all with a connection to different eras, with the District Club then enlisting former SCG Museum curator, Anthony O’Carroll, to build the famous Red V story.

St George District Rugby League Club Chairman and St George Illawarra Dragons Director, Craig Young, is expecting the Spirit of the Red V Museum to be a meeting point for all Dragons fans, for many years to come.

“A club so rich in history deserves something like this and this museum is something special that I can guarantee all Dragons fans will have a connection with,” he said.

“There are over 1000 catalogues items and whilst the museum is only able to showcase around 20% of the total, we’ll be ensuring that items are rotated and special collections being on show at different times.

“As part of the museum there will be a large number of items that have never seen before. Whether you are 10-years-old, or 100-years-old, I can tell you that every person who walks through will find it to be a very special location.”

Members and fans will also have the opportunity to play their part through the donations, loans and acquisitions program. The rich history of the Red V has created a trove of rare and unique memorabilia and personal collections over the past 100 years.

“The District Club has a lot of quality items but we know there is an army of Dragons supporters out there, who, whether it be through members of their family or collecting from players at games, have some items that would definitely not look out of place at the Museum,” Young added.

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, no official opening date has been set for members of the general public to visit the Spirit of the Red V Museum. St George District will advise on the opening date as soon as possible.