In a heartwarming twist of fate, the recent giveaway organised by the Red V Podcast turned into a celebration of the widespread passion among Dragons fans. The lucky winner, Jesse Coles from Urangan near Hervey Bay in Queensland, not only received the two volumes of “Spirit of the Red V” but also discovered a personal connection that made the prize even more special.

The giveaway, which encouraged listeners to share entertaining stories about being a Dragons fan on social media, came to a delightful conclusion with Jesse emerging as the winner. Little did he know that his prize held a surprise.

Upon receiving the books, Jesse dove into the pages of Volume 2 and stumbled upon a familiar face in a crowd photo from the 2010 grand final featured on the back cover. The excitement in his email to the organiser Geoff Armstrong was profound: “Mate, I just turned to the back cover of volume two and seen myself! I’m the one with the mighty Saints simply the best banner! Unreal!!!”

This image below revealed Jesse proudly displaying his commitment amongst the sea of Dragons supporters, immortalised on the back cover of the cherished volume.

Geoff Armstrong, who had initiated a short and happy email exchange with Jesse, expressed his delight at having such a deserving winner. The unexpected connection between Jesse and the photograph demonstrates the far-reaching impact and unity within the Dragons’ fanbase. It’s a testament to the nationwide spirit that binds fans of the St George Illawarra Dragons.

The Dragons’ fanbase continues to prove that the love for the team exceeds geographic boundaries, bringing people together in unexpected and delightful ways.

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